Neural Therapy

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What is Neural Therapy?

Neural Therapy is a treatment for autonomic nervous system (ANS)  dysfunction.  The autonomic regulation of every cellular space, every organ and tissue, determines the health off the individual. Open regulation is the ANS’s ability to flow between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches without interference. This treatment frees the ANS of interference, also called the interference field, to produce health.  We owe the discovery of the interference field to Ferdinand Huneke MD in 1940, when he did the first scar injection.  Neural Therapy is the use of local anesthetic into scars, skin, or deeper, to remove electrical interference in the nervous system.   This is done to reset the nervous system back to its healthy state.  It is effectively used for chronic pain management , treatment of chronic illness, and soft tissue injuries.  Including knees, back, shoulders, surgical site pain, scar tissue, headaches, mood disorders, sinusitis, and detox.